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    Good food. Cheap eats. Creative cuisine.

    My husband does not like the hustle and bustle of dining out on occasions. So for this Valentine's, after checking out Lil Eats menu, I decided to plan an intimate dinner at home. I ordered the black beans fajitas, shrimp veggie stir fry and Mongolian beef. It was as easy as 1, 2, 3 as promised by Lil Eats. So easy my 15 year old son actually prepared everything! We enjoyed it all, although my favorite dish was the Mongolian beef, the aroma and flavors were so divine! My husband and I had a lovely romantic candlelight dinner for two, with soft music and sweet wine. Forgot to mention how affordable the meals were too? Thank you Lil Eats!

    Kayla Johnson

    New Customer


    How Long Can You Freeze Foods?

    Although freezing keeps food safe for an indefinite amount of time, eventually the flavor will be affected. If the food is obviously damaged (shriveled, with white or frosty spots) it should be discarded.

    Should I add water?

    Sometimes, when you cook over the stove or oven on other appliances, there are a lot of chances for moisture to evaporate.

    Another problem that can arise is the meal sticking together, such as rice, sauce, and pasta.

    When you feel the food might be drying or thickening, add water or other water-rich ingredients such as sauces or fatty ingredients such as butter or oil. 

    Tips for Reheating Pre-Made Meals in Oven

    Before preheating your pre-made meals, ensure to take them out of the meal prep bags used to store food. Plate the food in an appropriate dish/container, then place it in the oven. 

    Moreover, cover the food with the help of aluminum foil to keep the moisture and prevent the meat from drying out. 

    We provide pre-prepped home-cooked meals that are frozen and can easily be prepared by all of our customers in a short amount of time.


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