Reheating the 5 Food Groups

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Reheating the 5 Food Groups

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We’ve enlisted some essential appliances and ways that you can use to reheat the following five good groups.


Pre-made grains can be of multiple types, such as bread, cereals, rice, pasta, noodles, etc. if you are to reheat rice and cereals, we would recommend you to use the microwave. However, pasta, noodles, or meals that are covered in a sauce or gravy can be heated efficiently on the stove. 


Fruits are mostly used fresh. However, you can make several fruits recipes, such as pies and fruit cakes. These food items can be reheated pretty well in the oven. Make sure to cover them with aluminium foil to avoid any burns. 


Veggies are versatile food items and can be used in a thousand ways. When reheating your pre-made vegetables, observe the type of food first. If it’s liquid like soup and stew, go for the stove. However, if the veggies are dry, like roasted or stir-fried, use a toaster oven or oven.


Lean meats, poultry, and seafood are the type of foods most likely to run out of moisture when reheated. It’s recommended to use an oven or microwave while covering the protein completely.

Some people even fear that reheating protein foods can lower the nutritional value of that food. However, proposes that no changes are detected in the digestibility or nutritional content of the protein when compared to heating before and after.


Dairy foods can be a bit tricky. According to CDP online college, dairy can be risky to reheat as it can quickly develop harmful bacteria. However, if you reheat dairy in the right way, you’ll dodge the bacteria by reaching higher temperatures for a sustained amount of time! Observe the type of food and use reheating methods accordingly. 

Use the stove for reheating dairy foods such as mac n cheese, a toaster oven for bread, an oven for cakes, or you can simply microwave a pre-boiled egg

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